Attorney Gregory Nikitas

Defending individuals in Lake County and throughout Illinois
Solving ProblemsFighting for You

The Problem Solver.

A former prosecutor with an intimate knowledge of Illinois law, law enforcement and the judicial system. A lawyer with the perseverance, compassion and integrity that has earned him wide respect as one of the most successful and trusted defense attorneys in Lake County, Illinois.

Criminal Defense

An accusation is not the end.  It’s the beginning of your defense.

Being accused of a crime is scary for anyone unfamiliar with the legal system.  Helping clients and their families navigate, negotiate and ensure that every case and every client receives the best possible defense is what sets Attorney Greg Nikitas apart.


Complex Cases

Forward-Thinking, Results-Oriented.

Attorney Greg Nikitas has extensive knowledge and experience with DNA evidence as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney.  He specializes in winning complex and serious cases, where the science of evidence, forensic accounting and cyber crime investigations require skills and experience well beyond what is taught in law school.

Protecting Your Rights

Greg Knows the Law, He Knows the Courts, & He Can Protect Your Rights.

His career history of winning complex cases–from murder trials and drug arrests to accusations of bribery, tax fraud and corporate theft — shows Attorney Greg Nikitas  goes the extra mile to ensure that his clients receive the best possible outcome while in the care of the Nikitas Law Firm.

"An attorney is measured not only by he cases he has won, but by the respect earned by Judges, prosecutors, defendants and their families."

“The finest trial lawyer in Lake County. He is always on your side and fighting  You should see this guy in front of a jury. He is a natural and very straightforward, prepared and knowledgeable. He prepares like no one else and you can tell that the prosecutors and judges respect him and like him.”

Kimberly R.


“He has so much experience on big cases for someone his age. Cannot recommend him enough. He is humble and never promises anything other than that he will do his best for you. That is different than other attorneys. Cares about what happens to you and really does a great job…”

David P.


“Mr. Nikitas is a wonderful, caring and quite knowledgeable attorney who has stood behind my wife and I for over a year and a half. I would rate him at the very top and recommend him highly.”

Ricardo C.


Second Opinions in Law

Seeking a second opinion is as important in legal appeals as it is in medical diagnoses. The basis of a successful appeal is a loss in trial court. It tends to be the case more often than not, that clients who have suffered a defeat in lower...

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